Taught by Annelie Berner at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

Contact: [email protected]

March 7 - April 1, 2022

Visualisation is an increasingly important part of making sense of our highly networked, data-rich world. Using a combination of interpretive methods and representational techniques, we will explore creative ways visualisation can make invisible relationships, structures and stories visible.

We will learn to draw with data, with code as our enabler, using analog and digital techniques to practice creating data visualisations. We will learn how to collect, classify, encode, and display data and use interactivity to construct relationships and meaning. Along the way, we will also learn about principles and processes of data visualisation, how to develop small projects and scope expression.

The course orients towards topics of cycles, seasonality, repetition, and time in relation to the environment, changing climate, and ecosystem. We will use data about the past, present and future of our environment.

The first week will be a warm-up to the topics of design, data, programming, getting started with our topic. Week 2 focuses on play and experimentation with data visualisation. Weeks 3 and 4 are dedicated to creating a small project, with continued code demos, design guidance and project mentorship.

Main Topics:

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